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Non-Emergency Ambulance Service is the provision of non-emergent, medically necessary transportation utilizing an appropriately staffed and equipped ambulance.

Please note that insurance coverage of non-emergent medical transport does require that the transport meet medical necessity criteria. This typically requires a Certificate of Medical Necessity / Physician Certification Statement from the patient's medical provider stipulating reasons that the patient requires an ambulance and cannot be transported by other means, such as personal vehicle, wheelchair van, or ambulette services. Medicaid and most commercial insurance do require prior authorization for the transport. If not obtained at the appropriate time prior to transport, these insurances will typically deny coverage and push the entire cost to the patient.  Please be sure to speak with us and let us help guide you on what the patient will require prior to the transport in order to make sure financial costs and coverage are in order. 


Service can be used for hospital discharges, inter-facility transfers, and long-distance transfers.




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