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This course may include physical strain, possibility of cross-infection, and emotional stress. If your physician has recommended that you avoid strenuous activity or limit your activity in any way, please note that CPR is hard work. This is true both in practice on a mannequin and doing CPR on a cardiac arrest victim.


You should consult with your physician and ask their advice as to whether to participate in a CPR course, as all participants must complete skill demonstrations.


Participation in this course does not guarantee that you will receive a completion card. Minimally, it will give you the opportunity to practice CPR and AED skills.




"The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge of and proficiency in CPR, and has developed instructional materials for that purpose. Although this course is not sponsored by an AHA component, some or all of the materials utilized by faculty or students may be AHA materials supplied on cost basis. Any fees charged for this course do not represent income to the Association"



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